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I get asked this question for almost every session.  So here is some of my do's and don'ts for most sessions. 

Figuring out what to wear to your session can be overwhelming, so I have put together a few pointers to make things a bit easier for you! Here are a few dos and don’ts:


-When it comes to planning outfits, you don't need to wear the same thing as everyone else in your party (unless you want to of course). Wearing the same colour (or a few shades lighter or darker), or colours that compliment each other will help with end result.

-Patterns are a bit harder to match and can result in your photos looking ‘too busy’ so having one person wearing a pattern and the others wearing solid colours will help prevent this.

-Try not to overthink it! Your photos should match your personality, so be yourself! If you normally wear jeans and t-shirts, wear that! It will definitely help you to feel more comfortable during your session.

-Try not to wear items with logos on them. They are very distracting and take away from the main focus, which is you and your loved ones.

-No sunglasses! (Unless it is for a specific shot that we’ve discussed.)

-No ball caps! I know, I know….you ALWAYS wear your hat (men, am I right?). If you must, please know that it can impact the end result because of shadows etc…I may need to ask that you remove your hat during your session.

-For the little ones: Please make sure they are wearing the proper footwear for outdoor sessions as we may end up walking during our time together. Also, a change of clothes is advisable, as they may end up getting a little dirty! ​ If you need a bit of visual inspiration, here are some ideas for you:​

Fall Outfit Guide 


Winter Outfit Guide

Spring Outfit Guide

Summer Outfit Guide

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